Our Objective

Dan Boverman founded Boverman & Associates, LLC to provide strategic, operational and financial advisory or interim management services that meaningfully impact the outcomes of various situations for the stakeholders involved.

Business Assessment

Companies or their stakeholders often desire an independent evaluation of a company or a situation to supplement or evaluate current strategy and business practices. Our goal in an assessment is to bring objectivity and structure to the decision making process to improve outcomes for stakeholders.


Companies usually have experienced and qualified executive management in place, but require additional advice and capacity to execute quickly during critical situations given the overwhelming number of new issues and tasks that can be at hand. For good reasons, companies recruit and retain executives with deep knowledge of the industry in which they operate and their functional discipline, but these executives may not have the extensive experience with crisis management, restructurings, turnarounds and insolvency Boverman & Associates provides.


Interim Management

In some situations there is a need for an addition or replacement of one or more executive managers. In such cases Mr. Boverman or one of his associates can serve as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer or Chief Financial Officer. Such interim roles allow clients to quickly put in place an executive qualified to manage the company who also has the crisis management, turnaround and insolvency experience required.


Business Combinations

Mr. Boverman has extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures as an investment banker, equity investor, board director, CEO, CRO, Receiver, Trustee, Manager, CFO and restructuring & turnaround advisor. Services are offered to both “buy-side” and “sell-side” clients. In most situations the objective of a business combination assignment is to assist investors or operating management with the extensive amount of work and focus required to execute a proper purchase or sale, allowing them to be less consumed with associated matters and maintain focus on operations and results.



Risk of insolvency is often a crucial matter and Mr. Boverman has extensive experience in evaluating financial condition, including capital structure, values of assets and liabilities, liquidity and cash flow, and identifying opportunities for improvement. Expectations for compliance with financial covenants and borrowing base requirements can also be critical. In cases where insolvency is apparent or expected, Mr. Boverman has the experience necessary to evaluate the alternatives available and to provide advice with regard to how the client should proceed.



Mr. Boverman is a senior financial executive with significant operating, capital markets, and mergers and acquisitions experience across a broad variety of industries. His over 30 years of business experience includes crisis management, restructuring, operational turnarounds, strategic planning, equity investing and workouts in which he represented the company, shareholders, lenders, or investment banking firm involved. Mr. Boverman has worked with many of the most prominent financial, legal and advisory firms in the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to focusing on restructuring and turnarounds, Dan spent many years in investment banking and private equity and was chief financial officer of several healthy companies, where he gained substantial strategic, financial and operating experience and created significant value for stakeholders.

Boverman & Associates maintains relationships with a variety of other professionals and firms with whom we may work on a project basis to provide teams of professionals where appropriate.